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Saturday, 30 August 2008

A Change in Direction - and new blog posts as at 30 August 2008

This has been a very sad a lonely little blog, quite neglected because of time constraints. I still want it to serve its original purpose, but I also need something further if it is to continue. So I am adding to it weekly reports on the posts I have written, making it a little more like Neil's Gateway blog.

So what is new, or at least relatively new, in the world of Belshaw blogging?

Over on Personal Reflections, the week began with The social and economic pain of demographic change, part of a conversation I have been having with Bob Quiggin. This was followed by The apparent silliness of Headmaster Rudd's truancy plan, a somewhat negative response to Mr Rudd's proposal to withdraw social services benefits from parents who failed to send their kids to school.

£35 on eBay buys details of one million bank accounts reports on the latest computer security breach in the UK, a country now famous world wide for this type of problem. Then Ethnicity in Hurstville - and other Australian cities provides hints for HSC students and others who may want to find out the ethnic make-up of various Australian localities.

My other blogs have been in catch-up mode, bringing older posts on-line. I will provide details here in my next report.